Don’t Count.

Don’t Count the calories.

  Don’t Count the carbs.

Don’t count the energy spent feeling starved.

Don’t count the hours.

Don’t count the days.

Don’t wait til forever to feel all the ways.

Don’t count the money.

Don’t count the tasks.

Pretend you’re on top of it, if anyone asks.

Don’t count the good times,

Don’t count the bad.

Don’t spend the time trying not to be sad.

Don’t count the goals,

And don’t count the years.

Don’t give that power to all of your fears.

Don’t count the lessons.

Don’t count the growth.

Don’t measure progress in unfulfilled oaths.

Don’t count the reasons,

Don’t even try.

Don’t go avoiding the deep need to cry.

Don’t count the vacations

Or your PTOs,

If you keep looking forward,

You’ll miss all that glows.

Don’t go to Yoga.

Don’t have those greens.

Stay in bed later, creating new dreams.

Don’t see the deadline,

Don’t hear the thoughts.

Don’t go on worrying about your have-nots.

Don’t make it happen.

Don’t muscle through.

Don’t live a minute that doesn’t feel new.

Don’t feel the night,

And don’t feel the day

Time will keep passing, it won’t ever stay.

Don’t keep believing

You’re something you’re not

You’re simply everything, a life astronaut.

Count on the space that carries you through.

Count on the possibility of discovering, too.

Count on the knowing that you’ll never know

And count on the seeing of that which won’t show.

Count on the expansion of deep open hearts

And know that you have a place in the stars

Count on the vibration that sets you apart

And know that you’re living as long as you start.

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