Here’s what Sara’s students, coworkers, teachers, and private clients are saying about her: 

About 5 years ago I injured my left shoulder fairly severely. I had shock waves of pain, numbness and tingling shooting down my arm. I could barely turn my head to the left side. It was bad. I tried massage and acupuncture and these things helped, but never really got rid of the problem completely. So I just lived with it, thinking “I guess this is just how it’s going to be.” Then I had the good fortune to meet Ms. Sara Kleinsmith and she introduced me to yoga therapy. Within 3 sessions with Sara, my shoulder pain that I thought would never go away…went away! Now, with the exception of an occasional flare up, I live virtually pain free. But I still keep my sessions with Sara because I am a firm believer in the mind-body aspect of what she teaches as well. Some sessions are more body-focused, others are more focused on mindfulness and meditation. In either case I always feel much better after our meetings.”- Tama Henderson, Owner, Hyde Park Wellness

“My wife, “BB” and I are “80” and “81” years of age. We have enjoyed “yoga” with Sara each Saturday morning since January, 2014. We first experienced Yoga more than forty years ago in Houston. We both feel that our sessions with Sara are extremely beneficial. Yoga is,we feel, important for “stretching”, for balance, for breathing and for general well being for older persons particularly. Sara is experienced, caring and very “hands on” in our Yoga sessions. She has become, more than a teacher and a leader. She has become a friend, and we are happy to recommend her as a highly competent teacher in what we feel is an extremely beneficial spiritual exercise experience.” – Joe and Marialice Shaffer, retired, Lakeway, Texas

Aside from providing me with specific exercises to help strengthen and rehabilitate my body after two lumbar disc herniations, Sara was able to communicate with me in terms that I could understand and relate to. She combined anatomy and imagery in a way that helped me understand my body. She left me feeling not only cared for but EMPOWERED.”  J. David, Professional Dancer

“Three years ago, I was suffering from chronic bacterial throat infections.  I had been treated by an infectious disease specialist for six months with no success in controlling the infection.  I was then referred to an ENT to schedule a tonsillectomy.  As a working mother of a small child, I would have done anything to feel better and avoid a surgery. After talking to Sara about my medical history and plan for surgery, she asked me to give her two weeks before going through with the surgery.  She created a nutrition, supplement, and exercise plan specific to my needs.  Within a week I felt more energetic and healthier overall.   After going on the nutrition plan that Sara designed, I have not had any bacterial throat infections over the last 3 years and I was able to avoid a tonsillectomy surgery.  With Sara’s expertise I not only boosted my immune system, but I also quickly lost 25 lbs and became a more active and healthy mother.  Sara helped improve my quality of life and I continue to use all of the information and tools she taught me.  I would recommend Sara’s knowledge and patient guidance to everyone.”  Emily Alvarez, Occupational Therapist

“Sara was a welcome change for someone who has only known weights and traditional cardiovascular workouts. She incorporated yoga and pilates into my weight routine and created a challenging and more rewarding workout. The results of my training with Sara were increased flexibility, increased upper body strength, and the recognition of proper breathing techniques while training. Furthermore, training with Sara has taught me to workout in a smarter and more efficient manner, while not compromising my goals. Her attitude and devotion to her craft make her a great teacher and allow her to assist her students in achieving their goals.”- Matt, Personal Training client, New York City

“After sustaining an injury, Sara worked with me one-on-one. Her focus on core strengthening, proper breathing and stretching techniques were instrumental in my recovery.  She shared health tips and nutritional support on an ongoing basis.  Sara is a caring and compassionate instructor who has partnered and motivated me to look and feel better.” -Deirdre B., New York City

“Sara’s genuine warmth, enthusiasm, intelligence,  and dedication to the field of health and wellness, make working with her, in any capacity, an honor and a pleasure.  Any time spent in her presence is educational, thought-provoking, uplifting, and completely enjoyable. ” – Lauren, Pilates Teacher

“You are the person that actually got me interested in exercising again.  The yoga sessions you and I had were such a great experience.  Those sessions were my realization of what yoga is really about.  I want to thank you for that. I feel better everyday about myself and my experiences with my new exercise  goals.” -Margaret M, student

“Sara has been a great person to work with. Her bright and cheery personality and deep knowledge of nutrition has had a big impact on me. She is a great resource to work with and an even better friend.”- Joe, personal training and health coaching client

“When I was running a life skills empowerment program for women who had become homeless as a result of domestic violence, I invited Sara to conduct a workshop for the group on stress and nutrition. I was truly impressed by her ability to distill complex information into an easily understandable format, aligned with her values but still sensitive to the group’s cultural and economic realities. I was moved by her warmth, accessibility and clear respect for the women, who engaged with her easily and asked her a myriad of questions which she fielded thoroughly and graciously. Sara is a compassionate, capable practitioner who will give the best she has to offer to a wide range of people seeking healthier, happier lives.”- Karen, Social Worker and Yoga Therapist



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