Questions are my Greatest Love

unnamed-1Recently, my friend Beckie Stravers of Cubicle57 blog asked me to participate in a Blog Tour. It’s kind of like “tag” for bloggers. Which means, I’m it! I’ve been asked to discuss what I’m writing and why. Beckie is one of the people who inspired me to blog, tweet, and share my thoughts via Social Media. If you’re reading this and in need of a Social Media guru, she is SO your gal. She also has an awesome blog that is devoted to all things smart, pretty, and creative and is done in a way that is accessible and straight forward. She’s going to be very powerful one day, because she’s tough and determined and cuts through the BS. If I had the money today to pay her what she’s worth, I’d hire her as my marketing manager, my home decorator, and my personal nail polish shopper.

Question 1: What am I working on?

I’m a full time wellness professional and part time writer in Austin. In the ten months I’ve lived here since moving from New York, I’ve been building opportunities for myself to work as a Yoga teacher and Personal Trainer. I’m currently assessing the scene, examining my prospects, and gaining clarity on my needs, and the kind of practitioner I am and want to become. I see several students a week who all inspire me and challenge me and make me so grateful to be doing what I do. In addition to my personal blog, I’ve recently started writing for Elite Daily. I’m constantly reading books on Anatomy, Business, Nutrition and Somatic Therapy. When not teaching, writing, doing Yoga, running, or nerding out on books for my work, I enjoy watching the Real Housewives and having fun Austin taco time by Town Lake.

Question 2: How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?

I read a lot of things that are positive, uplifting, and inspirational, to such a point that they fail to inspire me. I’m interested in the reality of what it means to be healthy. This includes unhappiness, rest, failing, falling, being hungry for more, being unsatisfied, and letting things be. I find that in my field, there is not a lot addressed to people who need to “just be”. I’m finding that with Yoga and natural health comes unrealistic expectations of how one should look, act, eat, and feel, and I aim to challenge those expectations. I excel at meeting people where they are. I do not have prior expectations for how I want to make others feel. I want to encourage my audience to question positivity and tune into their own authenticity. I believe that Peace lies in the questions. I’m very cautious with certainty, and very passionate about questions.

Question 3: Why do I write what I do?

For one thing, my husband told me to write. I’m not usually an obedient wife but he seemed pretty insistent that it would help me in our transition from New York to Austin. He was right. Another reason is I’m building a business, and I want to find people who are looking for what I offer. I’m looking for people who are tired of what the popular conception of Yoga is. I’m looking for people who feel that they don’t belong. I’m looking for people who have heard of all the benefits of Yoga but who believe they are too injured, out of shape, old, overweight, skeptical, Male, serious, American, Christian, Atheist, materialistic, busy, angry, sad, tired, or late in the game to try. I’m those people’s teacher. And I want them to know where to find me and learn about what I do. A blog is a good way to make that happen. I’m happy that there are so many interpretations of Yoga in this country. Many teachers and bloggers write on the topic. Many are writing things I agree with. Many are writing things I don’t agree with. I find this compelling, exciting, and hopeful. Although I appreciate the perspective of others, I choose to represent my idea of Yoga not only in my life and teaching, but in my writing. I believe discussion helps wellness professionals and consumers alike to form our version of what health should be in the 21st century. It needn’t be a fad. It needn’t be all kale cleanses and downward dogs. Health is wholeness and acceptance of one’s own lifestyle. I’m an advocate for genuine, authentic, long lasting health, on an individual and global level. In my opinion, this will take some questioning. That’s what I aim to do.

Question 4: How does my writing process work:

I have a very long playlist of compelling ballads from the 1980’s. Everything from Paul Young’s “Everytime You Go Away” to Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now” help me work on my blog, website, marketing, and networking. I’m building a business powered by 80’s music. That’s the truth.  I also have been extremely fortunate in feeling inspired. Most everything I’m reading or encountering these days is inspiring to me. I formulate my best thoughts when running or driving. I go for a long run, then I write. Also, being that I’m a Yoga practitioner, I try not to sit too long. A lot of my blog posts are written standing or lying prone in “Sphinx” pose. These are the moments I’m grateful for a home office with carpeting. I had no idea I would love writing so much. I’m completely and utterly grateful for all the words.

My turn to play tag! Next up is my friend Andrea Enright, who writes a blog titled “Honesty with Andrea E“. Her blog lives up to it’s title. She is courageous in her writing, as she lives her life and shares it directly with her readers. I know this assignment won’t be challenging for her because her entries are about her process, as it’s happening. This takes a lot of guts. It’s extremely powerful for those who may come upon it  who are also mid-process. But, to be honest, isn’t that all of us?

Straight from my writing playlist:

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  1. Can’t wait to be next! And loved getting insight on your process.

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