The Yoga Pill

10345534_874251311735_4571461132325308911_nI specialize in one on one, individual-specific Yoga sessions that incorporate my background as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher. I assess the needs of each of my clients and create a Yoga practice that is specific to their needs and suited for their lifestyle, even if they can only practice for 10 minutes a day. I call this method their “Yoga Pill”. If you can’t make it to a weekly Yoga class or session, and prefer to start from where you are, the Yoga Pill is perfect for you.

Each Yoga Pill is a $99 one time session and includes:

 Private Session for us to evaluate your limitations, needs and lifestyle

– “Yoga Pill”: a sequence of Yoga Poses with breathing techniques for you to practice on YOUR TIME when you’re comfortable. This is a consistent practice that can be done daily or at your convenience and is less than 30 minutes.

Video instruction of the poses for your specific Yoga Pill

Email access to follow up with questions about your Yoga Pill

10% off price of a Second Yoga Pill

Disclaimer- The Yoga Pill is not an actual pill. I am not  a licensed medical professional, I’m a certified Health expert in the field of Fitness and Yoga. That being said, more and more people are turning to Yoga to cure ailments that other approaches have not helped. Yoga, if done with a well-trained therapist or teacher, can help to ease symptoms of certain ailments. I’ve helped clients with everything from Sciatica, to herniated discs, to indigestion, and even anxiety. A daily Yoga practice can change your life. The idea of the Yoga pill is for you to be able to practice and progress on your own, while learning from and being monitored by a skilled professional. If you are interested in creating a “Tailored  to you” Yoga practice without the longterm commitment of weekly sessions, the Yoga Pill is for you. If you are too busy to take a public class, or too intimidated by Yoga people, the Yoga Pill is for you. If you travel frequently for work, or are constantly at a desk or in the car due to a busy lifestyle, but would like to know how to find the time to stretch and breathe daily, the Yoga Pill is for you. The Yoga Pill. It works. Once you’re done with your Yoga Pill and ready to move on to another dosage, we will schedule a second session, when you’re ready.

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