Corporate Yoga

Corporate LogoDo you run or belong to a small or new business of hard working individuals who could use a stretch break? The world’s leading companies understand the importance of wellness programs for their employees. In a recent study, researchers found that companies whose employees exercised three times a week were 15% more likely to have higher job performance, and that healthy diet and exercise can reduce employee absenteeism by 27%. Wellness programs in the workplace have been shown to to implement these positive changes.

I specialize in individual-specific Yoga Therapy and Corporate Wellness. I have experience working with many demographics, but I  excel in working with those who spend their days working hard while sitting down. Yoga for Startups is a great way to allow your employees to thrive while finding balance in the workplace. I offer Corporate Wellness events to companies in Austin on site including:

– Nutrition Lunch and Learns

– Stretch at the Desk Workshops

Biometric Health Screenings

-Wellness-based team building events

-Corporate Yoga Therapy

-Mindfulness Meditation for work

When choosing a Yoga teacher for your business, don’t go with just anyone. Make sure you find a teacher or Yoga therapist who has extensive knowledge of biomechanics,  and can work with all age groups and while support your needs as a business. Yoga for the workplace can create drastic improvements in employee productivity and overall health and happiness.


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